“ECONOMIC VULTURES AND WAR FALCONS” – A must watch speech from the president of Argentina

Watch her bodily gestures carefully

Take note of the tone of her voice

Don’t miss her clear and concise way of presenting her arguments

Consider the audience and the event

Consider other Presidents who had just made their own speeches siting similar cases like her

For those who are not gullible about current world events will immediately know that she has brought trouble on herself for advancing plain facts in an obvious way to a strategic media audience. Her government will be targeted! All efforts will be made to bring her down and sit a puppet on her chair.

But this is a valuable trouble. If i was in her position, i will not be this diplomatic because the  ” Economic Vultures and war falcons” were not either in their speeches filled with lies!

i would have pointed specific nations as well!

Just Follow the speech below. BE PATIENT THROUGH EVERY LINE OF IT!

Good friuts are scrambbled for and consumed with delight. What i fear is the possibility of not seeing it in the market on the next visit. For who knows what the producer of the bad friuts in the market have been planning since he last recognised that his friuts were experiencing rejection?