TO LIE = COOKING FAECES : The Shooting down of MH17

If you decide to tell a lie, be rest assured that you are doing a similar act like that of cooking your very own excrement! When the pot is heated, the atmosphere most testify that you have done something wrong.

Follow Peter Haisenko‘s analysis on the Malaysian airliner that was shot down. You will probably do one of the three things smile, chuckle or laugh.

If you decide to tell a lie, be rest assured that you are doing a similar act like that of cooking your very own excrement!

The Pneumatic Economist


SATAN ON THE JUDGEMENT THRONE – Feedback from the September 4-5th Nato Summit

This is an illusion – to have the two-horned rebel sitting on the righteous seat. However, imagine the tragedy if this could be true. All honorable people will be doomed because he shall pass on his crimes and that of his subjects to the blameless. This was exactly the case of the recent Nato summit. The White Serpent and his puppets addressed Russia as if they were some spotless deities. For those who know the truth about the entire Ukraine crisis, the following lines from the summit will immediately induce you to repeat my caption to this article.

  • “Russia’s aggressive actions against Ukraine have fundamentally challenged our vision of a Europe whole, free, and at peace”
  • “It responds to the challenges posed by Russia and their strategic implications”
  • “We condemn in the strongest terms Russia’s escalating and illegal military intervention in Ukraine and demand that Russia stop and withdraw its forces from inside Ukraine and along the Ukrainian border”
  • “We do not and will not recognise Russia’s illegal and illegitimate ‘annexation’ of Crimea”
  • “We demand that Russia comply with international law and its international obligations and responsibilities; end its illegitimate occupation of Crimea; refrain from aggressive actions against Ukraine; withdraw its troops; halt the flow of weapons, equipment, people and money across the border to the separatists; and stop fomenting tension along and across the Ukrainian border”
  • “We are deeply concerned that the violence and insecurity in the region caused by Russia and the Russian-backed separatists are resulting in a deteriorating humanitarian situation and material destruction in eastern Ukraine”
  • “We are also concerned by Russia’s pattern of disregard for international law, including the UN Charter”

Who is it that speaks of aggressiveness?

Who accuses of illegal actions?

Who as has proven in every way to be above the law?

Who has more blood on his hands as a result of violence?


Answer me serpent of the west!

It’s exactly 13yrs that you are not able to truthfully explain the numerous death of your citizens from the 9/11 attack or the anthrax cases that followed.

The blood of millions from Middle East massacres is crying out from Whitehouse.

Sorrowful voices of millions of innocent children are echoing your name because they have been long rendered homeless orphans.

Another set of millions are starving on the mountains and in the desserts dreaming of a day that their progenies will not live like wild animals.

What was wrong in Libya that you have crippled her economy?

What has Ukraine done that you are feasting on their blood?

Is West Africa a test ground for Bioweapons? Why are you withholding the remedy for Ebola? Also See link below insight on VI, VII¨VIII

Who is Al-quaeda? Who are the Talibans? Where did Boko Haram come from?

Is it the dawn for Africa? See link below

Why can’t you leave Russia to maintain their peace. They haven’t disturbed yours.


You really are suffering from a delusion. That is why you cannot recognize that your once strong biceps are growing old.

If I am judged wrong when indeed I am right, the peace of my purity from within is going cut me off from any torrents of external affliction.


The Pneumatike Economist


I have always considered the vampire stories to be all myths, but now I have good reasons to believe in them. At least not the long teeth demonstrations we see in Cinema’s, but there is evidence that some are living on others blood.  Many are unaware of the biggest blood bank in the world. Should I call it the White blood bank or the Whitehouse? It has being the dwelling of the biggest blood suckers of all times! I doubt which portion of this earth that the White blood bank of Washington D.C or is it Washington Demon Crest have not planted its blood extraction equipment.

I am not a professional journalist nor do I have the latitude to engage a full scale investigation but at least when I put down my pen I don’t just write out of emotions.  I will like to trust the analysis of this website – . At least to a certain degree I will place my signature on some without any second thoughts. But if all are true, then the white blood bank must be very rich through its direct and indirect extraction.

  • Nicaragua   30,000 dead                                         Brazil      100,000 dead
  • Korea  4 million dead                                              Guatemala   200,000 dead
  • Honduras   20,000 dead                                          El Salvador  63,000 dead
  • Argentina  40,000 dead                                           Bolivia      10,000 dead
  • Uruguay  10,000 dead                                              Ecuador   10,000 dead
  • Peru    10,000 dead                                                   Iraq  3 million dead
  • Iran  30,000 dead                                                      Sudan   8-10,000 dead
  • Colombia  50,000 dead                                            Panama   5,000 dead
  • Japan  140,000 dead                                                Afghanistan  10,000 dead
  • Somalia 5000 dead                                                  Philippines  150,000 dead
  • Haiti  100,000 dead                                                 Dominican Republic  10,000 dead
  • Libya 500 dead                                                         Macedonia  1000 dead
  • South Africa  10,000 dead                                      Pakistan  10,000 dead
  • Palestine 40,000 dead                                           Indonesia 1 million dead
  • East Timor 1/3-1/2 of total population                     Greece  10,000 dead
  • Laos 600,000 dead                                                 Cambodia  1 million dead
  • Angola 300,000 dead                                             Grenada  500 dead
  • Congo  2 million dead                                              Egypt  10,000 dead
  • Vietnam5 million dead                                              Chile 50,000 dead 


Making a total of about 12million.


Oh! Please don’t blow out of proportion and contest this microscopic view that you may have mistaken to represent the complete picture. Oh! No! The vampires in white robs have done far greater harm and committed far worse atrocities than the picture above.  If you ever took time to read the link above, you will find out that the list above is a “sampling of Deaths from US Military Interventions & Propping up Corrupt Dictators (using the most conservative estimates)” and the analysis dates back to the dawn of this century.

 However, the US merciless brutal crimes against humanity and those that they have induced have only multiplied since then. Iraq and Iran must have registered millions of deaths, Syria about 200,000, Libya another hundreds of thousands and Ukraine a few thousands. Yet these crises are still going on and innocent civilians continue to die.

If the analysis from the following links are correct for which I strongly judge so, the white serpent should be held responsible from deaths caused by BOKO HARAM!!! And for which will continue!


Those who read my articles will know that I have always placed the white serpent at the center cause of the Ebola outbreak.  The link below and many others also point the same finger. It therefore means that the blood of the Ebola victims is also in the white blood bank.


These blood suckers stop at nothing to gain hegemony.  They have used their blood money to turn brothers against their brothers. They intend to rule the world with blood and are comfortable in pleasure with the blood of their fellow man.  You will all die before your seats attain this power! And I pray that your souls find no rest then unless you must have repented in these days. Bloody psychopaths your weapon of lies has now been redirected towards you and be sure that you will suffer injuries.

  • Her allies, cut the ties or you will go down with her!
  • West Africans, demand Ebola drug from China. I no longer trust anything from the West!
  • African Leaders, defend your people with the last drop of your blood. This is true honour!
  • African people, fight for your rights. Do a quiet demonstration and evade violence. You can’t be broken as a unified whole!
  • Middle East, don’t give her your resources till there is no single head standing on your grounds. She will soon expire!
  • Russians, resist her provocations and she will soon run out of reasons!


If you familiarize yourself with dangerous environments, such familiarization will definitely bring an untimely end to your enjoyed realities.


The Pneumatike Economist

If the Ukraine Strategy doesn’t work, the Ebola weapon might!

In my previous post “The Origin of Ebola Virus” I made mention to you how the dangerous white serpent of the west has framed Russia through its German finger-puppet media for the outbreak of the Ebola Virus. You can still visit the link below for the story. If you can’t understand the Language on the site, then use google translate and you will have an idea.

As we speak, the white serpent is painting Russia with all sorts of bloody picture with regards to Ukraine. The human blood she is using for her painting definitely came from the bank of her harvest. If she doesn’t succeed to induce a war this way, then the Ebola strategy might!

Take note of the oppression that the Ebola virus is bringing to the nations;

  1. Thousands are losing their lives
  2. Millions are living in constant fear of it
  3. Borders are being blocked and international exchange is impaired
  4. Lots of families have lost their only source of income and can’t even meet their basic needs
  5. National economies are suffering and many more you can think of.

When the nations have become overwhelmed with these, the serpent will indirectly obtain permission to invade Russia for Ebola antidote and crime against humanity.

I don’t trust the drugs she is sending to Africa! No doubt she is emphasizing on the experimental issue. She hasn’t had the dominance she is seeking for. Even if this drug finally works she will not soon release the vaccine.


Protest nations! We don’t want war but peace, at least not a nuclear war. Tell the white serpent we are tired of lies and manipulation. Demand the Ebola remedy. let others come out of the ignorance of her lies. Above all, don’t give in to her longings!


It is better to lose your soul than to be trapped in a dark cave for the rest of your life where your only company is worms. I believe the former has a greater peace than the latter.


The Pneumatike Economist

THE ORIGIN OF EBOLA VIRUS – The serpent lies against Russia

Die Welt the serpent’s finger-puppet media in Germany blames Russia for the Ebola outbreak. See the link below. If you can’t understand the Language on the site, then use google translate and you will have an idea.

Check the link below to see a trusted story: A most likely suggestion

or you can also read my article below to find out more of the Serpent’s athrocities

Don’t forget that it is this same news medium that blamed Russia for shooting down the MH17 flight.  I told you guys in my previous post that there is a mystery behind the Ebola we need to unveil. IF THE SERPENT IS FRAMING THIS ON SOMEONE ELSE, IT THEREFORE MEANS THAT SHE ATLEAST HAS THE TRUTH THAT SHE IS COVERING.  If what she is saying is the truth, which is not! It means she has been into some long research which by her competency must have produced results!

I am convinced that;


Remember Dr. Robert’s comments “if nuclear war doesn’t exterminate us, Ebola virus might”. If you want to believe these words, provoke a major outbreak in the USA right now.

The western media is rotten and it seems like the serpent is paying them so well. Why Russia? Why Now? This is just one of the so many lies against Russia? i quote Dr Craig ” As English is the world language and as the European press follows the lead of the American media, the propaganda war is stacked against Russia (and China). Russian and Chinese are not world languages. Indeed, these languages are difficult for others to learn and are not well known outside the countries themselves. The Western media follows Washington’s lead, not Moscow’s or Beijing’s”.

The Serpent was very quick to blame Russia for MH17 flight see link below



Former German defense secretary says that they are fed up with NATO lies. An organisation that is at Washington’s footstool.

Nations, the serpent has a dying thirst for world dominion and will stop at nothing to attain this. She feels so secured that she is assured she will not be badly affected by any war. That is why she provokes one without worrying about the aftermath.  WASHINGTON WANTS WAR!!!

You have given her so much powers people of this beautiful earth. Isolate her! Let her stand alone and she will become weak. Liberate yourselves from her slavery and don’t be entrapped by her lies. She is already becoming frustrated because so many of her plans are failing by day. Don’t grant her wishes and don’t respond to her provocations. She will soon wear out.

I love words that are spoken because even though one may say a lie, he just created a possibility for the truth that will someday be helpful

The Pneumatike Economist

WORLD WAR III OR EARTH’S DESOLATION? – The frustrated and wounded serpent of the West


Shall it be a world war III? This is what strategic analysts are predicting from the current struggle between USA and Russia. My question is that will there be any trace of the human race left again in this mother earth to register another war or shall it be the end of it all? If it occurs, for which we strongly hope not, the purported nuclear war will put an end to human race. Scientists have categorically said that if the nuclear explosions don’t erase life on earth, then the environmental aftermath will complete the job. The Federation of American Scientists estimates there are more than 17,000 nuclear warheads in the world as of 2012, with around 4,300 of them considered ready for use. A thermonuclear weapon weighing little more than 2,400 pounds (1,100 kg) can produce an explosive force comparable to the detonation of more than 1.2 million tons  of TNT. Thus, even a small nuclear device no larger than traditional bombs can devastate an entire city by blast, fire, and radiation. Such detonation will lead to worldwide famine, deadly frosts, global ozone losses of up to 50 per cent and even more as predicted by scientist. AND THIS IS THE KIND OF WAR THAT THE SERPENT OF THE WEST IS PROVOKING!

What’s wrong with you Mr White Serpent? I really do not want to mention you again in my write-ups but it seems to me that you have your tentacles on every corner of this beautiful universe. The pungent stench of your lies is making every nation uncomfortable and the abundance of it makes it even difficult to evade. How can I be quiet about you when people want to be liberated from your deadly poisonous lies which results to nothing but a catastrophe? Is there still any iota of truth in you? Is there anyone around you that you have not corrupted or attempted to? Speak the truth, when did you begin this game? When I see the way you play the cards amongst the continents, it seems to me that we are at the tail end of your strategic plan. Even if you say no to this allegations, who cares about the answer? What speck of you can one dare trust?

Probably Dr. Roberts was right when he said “if nuclear war doesn’t exterminate us, Ebola virus might”. I am not presenting this in the light Dr. Robert’s column but I think the truth that lies in that statement cannot be disputed. There is a mystery unrevealed behind this Ebola issue – questions to which only the white serpent can have best answers. But who dares trust such answers. If it came from wikileaks then I might believe or from some other trustworthy source that is not suffering from the serpent’s poisoning. I don’t trust the Zmapp drugs that were sent to Africa. The Serpent is capable of anything to conserve its lies. If she really cared about the souls that are dying, this issue would have been solved because she has the solution. LISTEN VERY WELL!  I SAID SHE HAS THE SOLUTION!!! Rest in peace Dr. Sheik Umar Khan and Samuel Brisbane. Your fight for the lives of the Ebola victim must be rewarded.

Yet, there is another massacre going on in Ukraine. Those who search for the truth will quickly find out that the serpent is responsible and not Russia. The world has been living under her lies for long and by this she has escaped the responsibilities of her atrocities. All the nations are on her chess board and she has put many out of the game already. Put my head on a chopper board, it has to be off before I trust the US media. They grease all the lies that have kept Europe captive under the serpent. Now she wants to injure resistant Russia by painting her with so much blood that she herself extracted.

I am certain that there was no massacre in Tiananmen Square. It was just another grievous lie from the serpent like that of the Tonkin Gulf, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Iranian nukes, Libya crisis and that of the Malaysian airliner. Tell us white serpent what happened with the Malaysian airliner?

When the Malaysian airliner was destroyed, before any facts were known Russia was blamed. The British media was especially primed to blame Russia almost the instant it was known the airliner was downed. The BBC grossly misrepresented the situation and not to mention the devilish American media. The German media including Die Welt picked up the false report and spread the hysteria. Once again we have confirmation that the Western media is corrupt and unreliable. The entire “news” event has the appearance of orchestration prior to the event, which, of course, suggests that the serpent was behind it.

What does the serpent want with Russia? Why are they provoking them in every way? Why are they trying to get everyone against them? Why is she inducing China in this plan? The serpent wants everyone under her rule but these guys are a big bone for him to swallow! Analysis from the link below supports other experts who say that the US IS PREPARING FOR A PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE AGAINST RUSSIA.

Don’t think that the serpent cares about the results of such an attack. They thirst for blood and their Middle East actions prove so! They have brought the entire area to ruin and millions have lost their lives while some millions are homeless.

Please nations deny her longings no matter how she presses hard! She is frustrated and wounded. She wants power all cost. Open your eyes her slaves and identify her lies. Do not cooperate with her! Do not fund her! Don’t fuel her economy! Suck her off her strength! Let her stand alone! Open your eyes and see the terrors she is causing around the world! She is responsible for the most of them.

There is no greater terrorist that she, no greater Ebola and no greater war seeker. Do you want a nuclear war nations or is it the aftermath that you will enjoy? hirovictim

Cut all dealings with the white serpent for she has nothing but lies to offer. Even if she strikes 1st, don’t strike back. Don’t give her anything she seeks for.

Resist all her temptations! Maybe by this we might yet live.first-strike-feat1

The Pneumatike Economist

THE $33 BILLION FRUIT OF EDEN 2 – A still voice for African leaders

From my previous post on this subject, I may seem to be an adversary to you serpent of the West but I stand nothing as such.  I dread your acts, I thirst for a change, but yet I doubt the possibility. If you shall regenerate to something wonderful, there is none that shall rejoice like i. However, if you choose to remain a serpent then I have no battle at all! You will be the serpent and I will remain the man, you’ve got my heels and I your head! 

What business then do I have with you? Nothing! I am only here to ignite the sight of those that you have blinded, to purify the brains you have corrupted and strengthen the hearts of those that you have rendered weak.


Do not think I have only nice things to satisfy your thirst with. Most of you are no different to the white serpent and have brought your subjects to ruin with your modern narcissism.  I am greatly grieved with the most of you and shall make sure I come back to straighten this out! But first let me be the still voice behind the summit and point out three things to you – the good, the bad and the reason

Let us begin with the good;

The first unemphasized message here was that your importance is very capital. I have a very deep conviction that you have lost sight of your importance because of great manipulation over your true worth so much that you tend to play a hypnotized servant. You are constantly painted with a picture of poverty and hunger, substandard education, national insecurity, health insecurity and all sorts of ugly pictures in a way that makes you mentally unstable about your true worth.  Yet you have being a ground engine for the rapid economic growth to the very nations that make you feel feeble.  Now again, the white serpent has devoted her time and financial resources to have you in Washington to discuss how you will rebuild their degrading power which you once put there. YOUR IN IMPORTANCE IS CAPITAL AND YOUR PRESENCE UNAVOIDABLE!

The next good issue to note is that you are not considered as the last resort.  How would they? Your lands are blessed beyond measures.  Begin from the creeping things that you eat to the crude oil that our lands vomit. They enjoy your cocoa more than you do and use your gold in a way that makes you miss it. How could they?  Close the African borders and you shall live but they shall crumble. You shall live in affluence but they shall die in ardent poverty. Could they think of anything better than to seek you first and trickily confess their dying need for you? YOU ARE THE FIRST OPTION AND THE BEST OPTION!

Finally I will bring your knowledge that you are ultimately the major sustainer.  They have the financial resources but you have the natural resources. The latter fabricates the former and not vice versa.  They had being with you and did well. China came later and she has a new story. You have not detached yourself from any and yet you are capable to sustain all. The serpent is losing strength and understands you can charge her up. So, she cunningly begs again that you multiply her supplies to satisfy her cravings and I know you are more than capable. YOU ARE THE MAJOR SUSTAINER! YOU UPHOLD THEIR LIFE! CUT THE UMBILICAL CORD AND THEY WILL NEED THE OXYGEN MACHINE!

And then with the bad

You have been insulted!  You have been insulted for being forever foolish! If you successfully gave in to the white serpent’s plan, of which you did! He must have made this statement to one of his comrades “I told you they will remain foolish”.  You were insulted because after all these years of exploitation you have not become wise. The beggar invited you to his home rather than coming to yours. The foolishness was emphasized again but this time with the word worshipper added in front of it. You have been insulted as a foolish worshipper of the white serpent. What was wrong in organizing such a summit in one of the African countries if he couldn’t make 54 stops? And so, he finally slotted primitive in the middle of the insults.  You have been insulted as a foolish primitive worshipper.  He must have concluded that Africa will handle it in a substandard way, but most importantly he thought Washington D C will be a hypnotizing environment to you. YOU HAVE BEEN INSULTED!

You have been reduced to a tool. It may not be said out rightly, it may not seem that way and it may never present itself as such but that’s the simple truth. You have been reduced to a tool. Tools that others use to repair their economy, settle their differences, redirect global attention and fasten the bolts of their loose ends. This is what you were called for and not to partner. If you shall be great in that partnership relationship, then you shall be the slave and he the master. YOU HAVE BEEN REDUCED!

You have been unworthily considered. This is not a strange idea. Every vigilant eye knows it has always been the case.  The white serpent is the primary preacher of oneness, equal rights and racism but who defies all these precepts more than she does.  Take a look at the Zmapp case! Were you worthily considered? Today they try to play a lot politics around it on the media. IT DOESN’T CHANGE A THING! If I could have access to the serpent’s top intelligence, then I will prove to you that Zmapp was not the only concluded effective drug at that time.  Your life is not worthily considered. YOU HAVE BEEN UNWORTHILY CONSIDERED TO SHARE AN EQUAL BENEFICIAL RELATIONSHIP. If she could enslave you and have all for free, I bet you she will!

YET, there was a reason

This is my belief! Nothing is by chance. If the white serpent has decided to regain his legs and was sincere about his promises, then I will say Africa rejoice! But I am sure I just made an illusive statement. So, I will rather say Africa be wise. It could be your doom or your redemption. You could forever be a foolish primitive worshipper or become a wise redeemed luminary.

I will advise you to take the fruit but not to eat it, not a bite I will insist! Extract the seeds, nurse and plant in your garden. It is a beautiful plant and it will beautify your garden. I warn you again! Don’t eat of the fruit. It is very attractive but full of corruption.  Play the cards well and you shall emerge victorious. Yet don’t take after the white serpent. It is not worth it. Feel your hearts with love and even his subjects will rejoice. What more of yours?

I bid you well, leaders in the order of Goodluck Jonathan. I trust that you will remain wise and continue to instruct those in your order positively. I know the serpent will eat with you with a very long spoon. Who cares anyway, he can’t avoid you!

I reproach you, leaders in the order of the indomitable Lion (Paul Biya). It’s time to rebuild what you have destroyed and restore what you have stolen. Death is at your door and you cannot dominate nature Mr. indomitable Lion. You will be beaten soon! And nothing will go down 6feet with you. Give back to your people and tell those in your order that ALL IS MEANINGLESS!




The Pneumatike Economist