OBAMA’s EBOLA PLAN – More trouble on its way to West Africa

No matter the defense that can be advanced in support to this plan and even if I will be the only one against it, my head will have to roll before I see reasons. A greater trouble is on its way to West Africa than the current Ebola crisis.  A heavy military deployment to fight a disease as if they are going to war against nations! Bloody serpent!

I can see that your “lies bank” is becoming dry so much that only less expertise lies are now available. Must you use every little opportunity to establish a military base? “3000 soldiers and then USD500 million in spending” – this sounds very convincing and it’s going to make the headlines as desired but unfortunately nothing about the Washington Demon crest pleases people again. We are accustomed with your hidden agendas and how you enjoy using force to be in command.

Personally, I see this situation as no different and I know you will soon provoke instability in West Africa. Before the West Africans wake up from sleep, an Islamic group will be fighting with your military bases that will give birth to a full flesh combat or your military researchers will conclude on Russia’s involvement with the Ebola outbreak. Whatever the case, you will not fail to plant your extraction pipe for their resources before you leave.

I am convinced that this is part of your 33 billion strategies which of course was not what you claimed to be.  https://pneumatikeconomist.wordpress.com/2014/08/19/the-33-billion-fruit-of-eden/. Your interest is your power and you are very good at massacring when mutual talks fail. Where ever your military is, you are either there to protect your interest or to seize what you have interest in. It is true that health centers are needed, but drugs are needed most and not military intervention.  AT GUN POINT, I WILL SAY THAT THE USA HAS GOT THE REMEDY FOR EBOLA AND THEN I TAKE THE BULLET. But who cares about this truth. All the ruling organizations in the world are stuck up in your ass so much that their decisions and actions are indirectly yours and together with them you destroy the world.

My concern is you West African countries and the rest of Africa. If you want your salvation, don’t lay up an iota of your hopes on the USA. Don’t let them in! They will bring more trouble than their Ebola has brought. I will prefer that you get down on your knees and beg help from China than to stand on your feet and receive one from the Serpent. Oh, who can take this message to the African leaders for me? Doom is on their way and only God will save them, for the Serpent is out on the next plunder.

There are many reasons in this world that proves that deception is futile but just two of them are very important to me – and it’s that immediately you are done with the act, you have just two choices; its either you protect it for a while with your life or you confess it.

The Pneumatike Economist



Good morning Mr Ebola,

Sorry, I didn’t mean to wish you that. I actually crave your extinction. So if this day can be the end of your breath, then that will be good honey for my soul.  Just before then, let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Where were you before the last quarter of the 20th Century?
  2. How did you manifest before this time?
  3. Why did you choose the primates of only a small portion of Jungle land to start with?
  4. Did someone put you there or are you a result of an uncontrolled accident?
  5. Is it true that a relative of your s was found in the Philippines? Why is he not as destructive as you?

OH! Hi Dr Zmapp,

You are passing by just at the right time. Your home was actually my next stop. Some quick questions please:

  1. I heard the prophecy of you about 12years ago. What took you so long?
  2. I trust the efficacy, prudence and results orientation of the one who sends you on this mission. Please tell me, when were you ready for this mission?
  3. What kept you waiting? Were you not touched by the casualties? Did you underestimate future casualties? OR was your mission only for the white robs.
  4. Why are you having a red face? Are you here against your will? I also thought your mission was to wash clean the stained robs. OR are you afraid they will no longer worship the one who senT you?
  5. I hope the look on your face will not prevent you from executing your mission very well?

I haven’t had any answers yet guys! Are both of you mute?

However, I guess this is the Apocalypse of you Mr Ebola Genesis.  And

Dr Zmapp I hope this is our Salvation. We don’t need any more prophecies. Be careful to make sure that Ebola Tusa (Genesis’ brother) doesn’t show up. I heard he is more dangerous

We don’t want to carry the past on our heads, because it is an unnecessary load for the journey that lies ahead.


The Pneumatike Economist