AN OUTRIGHT RACIST: The Czech doctor who described conditions in German hospitals.

In this post Czech doctor describes conditions in German hospital, a Czech doctor must have made a valuable case about the crisis now hitting German hospitals as a result of migration from troubled zones. I am delighted with the step he has taken to inform the world, a step towards resolving the issue which will definitely extend to the causes. However, i can arguably state that he has not resolved this issue as an intellect or he has allowed his personal emotions and feelings to remove any little bit of moral integrity that may have being communicated in his message. I may even go a step further to say the situation simply triggered the deadly beast that was lying deep in him. Consider the following phrases:

  • Many Muslims are refusing treatment by female staff and, we, women, are refusing to go among those animals, especially from Africa—–
  • Nobody who has not come in contact with them has no idea what kind of animals they are, especially the ones from Africa—

Are those refugees any more of animals than the people who made them to be namely: Washington and its vassal states for which Germany is inclusive? Is the Czech doctor aware of this fact or his just as gullible as others? If not, i will advise him to read this book Gekaufte Journalisten. Can the Czech doctor count the human “animals” that have been massacred or rendered homeless by these power-mongers? Can it not be logically concluded that the situation these desperate people are or have been exposed to is what makes them this hostile? Why should a supposedly intellectual make such a rash statement then. If i have to work on his line of reasoning, then the Europeans should be so inhumane and worse than the very ferocious beast in the wild since they massacre human “animals” while they are under very favorable conditions.

Finally; will it be sound for me to associate inhumanity to Americans because an American opened a gun fight in a school and killed so many? or call Germans animals because Merkel is working with the White house to foster crazed policies? or call Europeans beasts because one lady threw-off her baby through the window. Definitely not!

Even though the primary message in this complain is valid, I am forced to conclude that the Czech doctor is an outright racist who is fade-up to come in contact with people he disdains rather someone who is tired of the current hospital conditions.

I pray we all learn to make positive corrections and bring lasting change to this world.


A Rethink on global chaos : The 9/11 case study

The world is in a degenerate swivel and the inhabitants of this globe have completely lost focus of the bedrock virus producing this effect.  It is my believe that the gifted experts that exist on the surface of this earth and those that are in the making who are greatly endowed with knowledge, spend colossal time researching on and attempting to cure the symptoms of the issues of our times rather than the underpinning cause.  This is why though our world is experiencing some physical growth; there is a downward spin in imperceptibles (peace, love, trust, kindness, compassion, liberty——), so much that people don’t even know what they mean again.

It is about 13years that a part of the world is at war directly or indirectly with the Muslims.  Since the bombing of the twin towers, this world has not been the same for the Muslims. Events that followed after like the Boston bombing, bombings in Europe and recently the Charlie Hebdo issue have all contributed to make this world very uncomfortable for them. We have lived to see escalating effects in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya.  These economies have been driven down by ceaseless war, millions have been slaughtered and tens of millions rendered homeless, helpless and hopeless. In whose interest is all these?

We have experienced the birth of Islamic extremist groups like the ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-quaeda and so on. We are witnessing Central banks in trouble, commercial banks crumbling, oil prices declining at a windfall speed, gold prices and other natural minerals following suit.  We are witnessing increasing conflicts on the face of the globe, governments against governments, presidents against presidents and one political power against the other.  Whose interest is at play here?

We live with leaders who have risen far above the law and in a way showcased themselves as the untouchables. We also live with citizens who live outside the law and have created their own system and in countries that have been gradually separated from its inhabitants.  The world is in chaos, the heart of man is clogged and his mental fitness distorted.  We now have a culture that is originally not ours and a way to respond that was only manipulatively injected in us.

This is my point: some 13years ago or more, some corrupt (evil) individual had to sit and conceive a corrupt idea. Since it was grand to be realized solely, he had to share it by corrupting another person with the idea.  They then arranged a meeting with another individual who was to begin implementation of the plan. He also accepted to be corrupted and went further to corrupt others that will work with him. After a chain of people had been corrupted, there was the blast of the world trade center. Since then, the media has been on the corruption list, head of states, Islamic groups, banks and even government agencies.  This is not the beginning of it all but a good scenario.

This is where all troubles hang – the corruption of man. It is neither the Muslims nor Americans, terrorist groups nor anti-terrorist groups, nationalists nor globalist, not religion, hegemons, or whatever might be the focus of this world. It is corruption, It didn’t begin now. It has simply exploded so much that people are corrupted to stage anti-corruption campaigns. The only way around this is to properly educate man to regain his sanity. It has eating us up completely.

Rise up and speak if you are still sane. May be by this we may get a chance to go on living. Corruption is driving our world to total chaos!


The truth about a nuclear war is that it must occur. It may not be in months, or the next decade, nor even within a century but it must occur. Anytime from this day to sometime in the future, it must occur. I am not a prophet of doom nor do I wish evil to the world, but my studies of this world has led me to conclude that it must occur.

We cannot underestimate the cruelty of mankind. Humans have been very cruel to their own kind. We have proven to brutally massacre our kind without an iota of remorse. If we can chop a fellow man’s skull with an axe and still have the courage to do another hundred in a line, if we can burn thousands of living beings like rats and take out human bowels in a continuum with heavy weapons, what is a nuclear weapon to detonate? We live with crazed people as fellow beings. People who have sold their consciences to the devil, have no compassion for others and have no concern whatsoever of whatever pain they may inflict on themselves.  This is the reality of the world that we live in.

Recently, a lot of experts have been warning about the threat of a nuclear war especially between USA and Russia. Considering the devastation that this kind of war may bring about, so many think of such conclusions in this line to be insane. Truly it is insane because such conclusions are drawn from analyzing the attitudes of insane people. In his book, “Towards a World War III Scenario” – Professor Chossudovsky exposed the lunacy of a set of our fellow kind and made clear how such an act could be a norm to them.

The media and some intelligible individuals have done their best to slow things down. They may succeed for a while but I don’t know how long. The truth is that as long as mankind continues to create these weapons and continues to breed lunatics, some crazed individual/individuals must detonate it someday.

Oh! Loved ones, we could conclude that we are doomed but no. Things of this world cannot bring us doom if we have not allowed ourselves to be doomed by them. Make yourself completely detached from them and let death be your best friend. Let your peace not come from without but from within. Then you will not be moved by whatsoever things this world offers at any time.

The Pneumatike Economist


Dear Friends, In my previous article i pointed out what things this world has been going through. The most disturbing of all are the atrocities inflicted on mankind by man himself. It is totally heartbreaking and potrays a complete lack of love for our own kind.

In this light, i have decided to make the 22nd January, 2015 a day i will protest  against those economies or economic leaders that pose a great danger to the world. I invite everyone to join me to make the world a better place. Raise plackards at public places with information against the economy or economic leader you consider most dangerous to the world.

Let us all join together and see which country is going to get the most dislike on this day. Don’t be quiet and allow some jerk to get hold of the rudder of your life.


It is the dawn of another year and various entities at this time will be doing diverse evaluations.  I will recommend every reader to individually evaluate how their life on earth has being and how it promise to be. Whatever your conclusions may be, please compare with mine below and with any other person of your choice that you may persuade to performing the same exercise.  Then you will understand that we are all in the same bus though on different seats.

2014 presented itself with natural hazards like Ebola, MERS-CoV, California Drought, Chile Earthquake, Arkansas Tornado, Afghanistan Mudslide, Southern California Wildfires, Yosemite Wildfire, Hawaii Lava, Buffalo snow storm and the Philippines Typhoon etc.  Natural hazards seem to be promised happenings from mother earth that we must always expect.

2014 was another added year of human activity on this planet with more inventions, greater developments, increased industrialization etc.  As a result, scientists cry out about the depletion of all that is natural and increased threat to humanity.  Mechanized equipments are increasingly killing humans through accidents as a result of system failures. GMOs are posing a serious threat to human health but are gradually replacing the naturals.

2014 came with about two additional conflicts on the global face namely; war in Donbass and Libyan Civil war making a total of about 46 conflicts. Tens of thousands have been massacred and millions are homeless caused only by the hands of fellow humans. In this very year, there have been more evident hallmarks of a nuclear war or a world war three for which the aftermath could erase humanity.

2014 is closing up with a financial crash in Russia, poor oil and gold prices, very heavily indebted world leading economy (USA), crumbling Japan economy, recessing European economies and tumbling currencies in Emerging markets.  The global economy is beginning the New Year 2015 with great trouble.

Life on earth has been one plagued with natural hazards, threatened by human activity, oppressed by fellow humans and crowned with hopelessness by the state of the world economy.  In the midst of all these, we have seen a windfall in human morality and how world leaders and dignitaries could reduce themselves to loaves of bread. Imagine someone as influential as the president of the United States lying blatantly at the UN summit against Russia, recklessly putting the entire world in danger of a nuclear war. This is just one of a thousand examples from propaganda, murder, sexual immorality ————and even to vandalism but which I consider very serious.

Increasingly, the world is becoming our fierce enemy and will remain this way.

Dear friends, don’t expect things to get any better or you will end up very frustrated. There will always be one trouble after the other. We may hail Putin over Obama but that will not make the world better. We can create GMO bananas against blindness but that will not stop other hazards. The global financial crisis could be managed but that does not mean global wealth. We could go on and on, but the bottom line is that as long as you are a citizen of this world there is bound to be trouble at the door! As long as people remain their own gods, this world will remain what it is. As long as people continue to sell their souls to the devil and especially our leaders, so is this world sold to destruction. As long as people chose to remain gullible in all matters, so is their distance to the grave reduced.

In these times, Individuals can still live in peace, enjoy a stable life and positively influence the world by having an uncommon mindset that is different from the natural direction of this evil world. Christianity is a way of life condemned by many but I haven’t seen any other precepts that could develop such a mind like that of the unadulterated HOLY SCRIPTURES.  It is your choice and this is my wish for you in 2015.

Happy New Year 2015!!!

The Pneumatike Economist

“ECONOMIC VULTURES AND WAR FALCONS” – A must watch speech from the president of Argentina

Watch her bodily gestures carefully

Take note of the tone of her voice

Don’t miss her clear and concise way of presenting her arguments

Consider the audience and the event

Consider other Presidents who had just made their own speeches siting similar cases like her

For those who are not gullible about current world events will immediately know that she has brought trouble on herself for advancing plain facts in an obvious way to a strategic media audience. Her government will be targeted! All efforts will be made to bring her down and sit a puppet on her chair.

But this is a valuable trouble. If i was in her position, i will not be this diplomatic because the  ” Economic Vultures and war falcons” were not either in their speeches filled with lies!

i would have pointed specific nations as well!

Just Follow the speech below. BE PATIENT THROUGH EVERY LINE OF IT!

Good friuts are scrambbled for and consumed with delight. What i fear is the possibility of not seeing it in the market on the next visit. For who knows what the producer of the bad friuts in the market have been planning since he last recognised that his friuts were experiencing rejection? 


OBAMA’s EBOLA PLAN – More trouble on its way to West Africa

No matter the defense that can be advanced in support to this plan and even if I will be the only one against it, my head will have to roll before I see reasons. A greater trouble is on its way to West Africa than the current Ebola crisis.  A heavy military deployment to fight a disease as if they are going to war against nations! Bloody serpent!

I can see that your “lies bank” is becoming dry so much that only less expertise lies are now available. Must you use every little opportunity to establish a military base? “3000 soldiers and then USD500 million in spending” – this sounds very convincing and it’s going to make the headlines as desired but unfortunately nothing about the Washington Demon crest pleases people again. We are accustomed with your hidden agendas and how you enjoy using force to be in command.

Personally, I see this situation as no different and I know you will soon provoke instability in West Africa. Before the West Africans wake up from sleep, an Islamic group will be fighting with your military bases that will give birth to a full flesh combat or your military researchers will conclude on Russia’s involvement with the Ebola outbreak. Whatever the case, you will not fail to plant your extraction pipe for their resources before you leave.

I am convinced that this is part of your 33 billion strategies which of course was not what you claimed to be. Your interest is your power and you are very good at massacring when mutual talks fail. Where ever your military is, you are either there to protect your interest or to seize what you have interest in. It is true that health centers are needed, but drugs are needed most and not military intervention.  AT GUN POINT, I WILL SAY THAT THE USA HAS GOT THE REMEDY FOR EBOLA AND THEN I TAKE THE BULLET. But who cares about this truth. All the ruling organizations in the world are stuck up in your ass so much that their decisions and actions are indirectly yours and together with them you destroy the world.

My concern is you West African countries and the rest of Africa. If you want your salvation, don’t lay up an iota of your hopes on the USA. Don’t let them in! They will bring more trouble than their Ebola has brought. I will prefer that you get down on your knees and beg help from China than to stand on your feet and receive one from the Serpent. Oh, who can take this message to the African leaders for me? Doom is on their way and only God will save them, for the Serpent is out on the next plunder.

There are many reasons in this world that proves that deception is futile but just two of them are very important to me – and it’s that immediately you are done with the act, you have just two choices; its either you protect it for a while with your life or you confess it.

The Pneumatike Economist