AN OUTRIGHT RACIST: The Czech doctor who described conditions in German hospitals.

In this post Czech doctor describes conditions in German hospital, a Czech doctor must have made a valuable case about the crisis now hitting German hospitals as a result of migration from troubled zones. I am delighted with the step he has taken to inform the world, a step towards resolving the issue which will definitely extend to the causes. However, i can arguably state that he has not resolved this issue as an intellect or he has allowed his personal emotions and feelings to remove any little bit of moral integrity that may have being communicated in his message. I may even go a step further to say the situation simply triggered the deadly beast that was lying deep in him. Consider the following phrases:

  • Many Muslims are refusing treatment by female staff and, we, women, are refusing to go among those animals, especially from Africa—–
  • Nobody who has not come in contact with them has no idea what kind of animals they are, especially the ones from Africa—

Are those refugees any more of animals than the people who made them to be namely: Washington and its vassal states for which Germany is inclusive? Is the Czech doctor aware of this fact or his just as gullible as others? If not, i will advise him to read this book Gekaufte Journalisten. Can the Czech doctor count the human “animals” that have been massacred or rendered homeless by these power-mongers? Can it not be logically concluded that the situation these desperate people are or have been exposed to is what makes them this hostile? Why should a supposedly intellectual make such a rash statement then. If i have to work on his line of reasoning, then the Europeans should be so inhumane and worse than the very ferocious beast in the wild since they massacre human “animals” while they are under very favorable conditions.

Finally; will it be sound for me to associate inhumanity to Americans because an American opened a gun fight in a school and killed so many? or call Germans animals because Merkel is working with the White house to foster crazed policies? or call Europeans beasts because one lady threw-off her baby through the window. Definitely not!

Even though the primary message in this complain is valid, I am forced to conclude that the Czech doctor is an outright racist who is fade-up to come in contact with people he disdains rather someone who is tired of the current hospital conditions.

I pray we all learn to make positive corrections and bring lasting change to this world.


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