A Rethink on global chaos : The 9/11 case study

The world is in a degenerate swivel and the inhabitants of this globe have completely lost focus of the bedrock virus producing this effect.  It is my believe that the gifted experts that exist on the surface of this earth and those that are in the making who are greatly endowed with knowledge, spend colossal time researching on and attempting to cure the symptoms of the issues of our times rather than the underpinning cause.  This is why though our world is experiencing some physical growth; there is a downward spin in imperceptibles (peace, love, trust, kindness, compassion, liberty——), so much that people don’t even know what they mean again.

It is about 13years that a part of the world is at war directly or indirectly with the Muslims.  Since the bombing of the twin towers, this world has not been the same for the Muslims. Events that followed after like the Boston bombing, bombings in Europe and recently the Charlie Hebdo issue have all contributed to make this world very uncomfortable for them. We have lived to see escalating effects in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya.  These economies have been driven down by ceaseless war, millions have been slaughtered and tens of millions rendered homeless, helpless and hopeless. In whose interest is all these?

We have experienced the birth of Islamic extremist groups like the ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-quaeda and so on. We are witnessing Central banks in trouble, commercial banks crumbling, oil prices declining at a windfall speed, gold prices and other natural minerals following suit.  We are witnessing increasing conflicts on the face of the globe, governments against governments, presidents against presidents and one political power against the other.  Whose interest is at play here?

We live with leaders who have risen far above the law and in a way showcased themselves as the untouchables. We also live with citizens who live outside the law and have created their own system and in countries that have been gradually separated from its inhabitants.  The world is in chaos, the heart of man is clogged and his mental fitness distorted.  We now have a culture that is originally not ours and a way to respond that was only manipulatively injected in us.

This is my point: some 13years ago or more, some corrupt (evil) individual had to sit and conceive a corrupt idea. Since it was grand to be realized solely, he had to share it by corrupting another person with the idea.  They then arranged a meeting with another individual who was to begin implementation of the plan. He also accepted to be corrupted and went further to corrupt others that will work with him. After a chain of people had been corrupted, there was the blast of the world trade center. Since then, the media has been on the corruption list, head of states, Islamic groups, banks and even government agencies.  This is not the beginning of it all but a good scenario.

This is where all troubles hang – the corruption of man. It is neither the Muslims nor Americans, terrorist groups nor anti-terrorist groups, nationalists nor globalist, not religion, hegemons, or whatever might be the focus of this world. It is corruption, It didn’t begin now. It has simply exploded so much that people are corrupted to stage anti-corruption campaigns. The only way around this is to properly educate man to regain his sanity. It has eating us up completely.

Rise up and speak if you are still sane. May be by this we may get a chance to go on living. Corruption is driving our world to total chaos!


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