The truth about a nuclear war is that it must occur. It may not be in months, or the next decade, nor even within a century but it must occur. Anytime from this day to sometime in the future, it must occur. I am not a prophet of doom nor do I wish evil to the world, but my studies of this world has led me to conclude that it must occur.

We cannot underestimate the cruelty of mankind. Humans have been very cruel to their own kind. We have proven to brutally massacre our kind without an iota of remorse. If we can chop a fellow man’s skull with an axe and still have the courage to do another hundred in a line, if we can burn thousands of living beings like rats and take out human bowels in a continuum with heavy weapons, what is a nuclear weapon to detonate? We live with crazed people as fellow beings. People who have sold their consciences to the devil, have no compassion for others and have no concern whatsoever of whatever pain they may inflict on themselves.  This is the reality of the world that we live in.

Recently, a lot of experts have been warning about the threat of a nuclear war especially between USA and Russia. Considering the devastation that this kind of war may bring about, so many think of such conclusions in this line to be insane. Truly it is insane because such conclusions are drawn from analyzing the attitudes of insane people. In his book, “Towards a World War III Scenario” – Professor Chossudovsky exposed the lunacy of a set of our fellow kind and made clear how such an act could be a norm to them.

The media and some intelligible individuals have done their best to slow things down. They may succeed for a while but I don’t know how long. The truth is that as long as mankind continues to create these weapons and continues to breed lunatics, some crazed individual/individuals must detonate it someday.

Oh! Loved ones, we could conclude that we are doomed but no. Things of this world cannot bring us doom if we have not allowed ourselves to be doomed by them. Make yourself completely detached from them and let death be your best friend. Let your peace not come from without but from within. Then you will not be moved by whatsoever things this world offers at any time.

The Pneumatike Economist


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