The truth about a nuclear war is that it must occur. It may not be in months, or the next decade, nor even within a century but it must occur. Anytime from this day to sometime in the future, it must occur. I am not a prophet of doom nor do I wish evil to the world, but my studies of this world has led me to conclude that it must occur.

We cannot underestimate the cruelty of mankind. Humans have been very cruel to their own kind. We have proven to brutally massacre our kind without an iota of remorse. If we can chop a fellow man’s skull with an axe and still have the courage to do another hundred in a line, if we can burn thousands of living beings like rats and take out human bowels in a continuum with heavy weapons, what is a nuclear weapon to detonate? We live with crazed people as fellow beings. People who have sold their consciences to the devil, have no compassion for others and have no concern whatsoever of whatever pain they may inflict on themselves.  This is the reality of the world that we live in.

Recently, a lot of experts have been warning about the threat of a nuclear war especially between USA and Russia. Considering the devastation that this kind of war may bring about, so many think of such conclusions in this line to be insane. Truly it is insane because such conclusions are drawn from analyzing the attitudes of insane people. In his book, “Towards a World War III Scenario” – Professor Chossudovsky exposed the lunacy of a set of our fellow kind and made clear how such an act could be a norm to them.

The media and some intelligible individuals have done their best to slow things down. They may succeed for a while but I don’t know how long. The truth is that as long as mankind continues to create these weapons and continues to breed lunatics, some crazed individual/individuals must detonate it someday.

Oh! Loved ones, we could conclude that we are doomed but no. Things of this world cannot bring us doom if we have not allowed ourselves to be doomed by them. Make yourself completely detached from them and let death be your best friend. Let your peace not come from without but from within. Then you will not be moved by whatsoever things this world offers at any time.

The Pneumatike Economist



Dear Friends, In my previous article i pointed out what things this world has been going through. The most disturbing of all are the atrocities inflicted on mankind by man himself. It is totally heartbreaking and potrays a complete lack of love for our own kind.

In this light, i have decided to make the 22nd January, 2015 a day i will protest  against those economies or economic leaders that pose a great danger to the world. I invite everyone to join me to make the world a better place. Raise plackards at public places with information against the economy or economic leader you consider most dangerous to the world.

Let us all join together and see which country is going to get the most dislike on this day. Don’t be quiet and allow some jerk to get hold of the rudder of your life.


It is the dawn of another year and various entities at this time will be doing diverse evaluations.  I will recommend every reader to individually evaluate how their life on earth has being and how it promise to be. Whatever your conclusions may be, please compare with mine below and with any other person of your choice that you may persuade to performing the same exercise.  Then you will understand that we are all in the same bus though on different seats.

2014 presented itself with natural hazards like Ebola, MERS-CoV, California Drought, Chile Earthquake, Arkansas Tornado, Afghanistan Mudslide, Southern California Wildfires, Yosemite Wildfire, Hawaii Lava, Buffalo snow storm and the Philippines Typhoon etc.  Natural hazards seem to be promised happenings from mother earth that we must always expect.

2014 was another added year of human activity on this planet with more inventions, greater developments, increased industrialization etc.  As a result, scientists cry out about the depletion of all that is natural and increased threat to humanity.  Mechanized equipments are increasingly killing humans through accidents as a result of system failures. GMOs are posing a serious threat to human health but are gradually replacing the naturals.

2014 came with about two additional conflicts on the global face namely; war in Donbass and Libyan Civil war making a total of about 46 conflicts. Tens of thousands have been massacred and millions are homeless caused only by the hands of fellow humans. In this very year, there have been more evident hallmarks of a nuclear war or a world war three for which the aftermath could erase humanity.

2014 is closing up with a financial crash in Russia, poor oil and gold prices, very heavily indebted world leading economy (USA), crumbling Japan economy, recessing European economies and tumbling currencies in Emerging markets.  The global economy is beginning the New Year 2015 with great trouble.

Life on earth has been one plagued with natural hazards, threatened by human activity, oppressed by fellow humans and crowned with hopelessness by the state of the world economy.  In the midst of all these, we have seen a windfall in human morality and how world leaders and dignitaries could reduce themselves to loaves of bread. Imagine someone as influential as the president of the United States lying blatantly at the UN summit against Russia, recklessly putting the entire world in danger of a nuclear war. This is just one of a thousand examples from propaganda, murder, sexual immorality ————and even to vandalism but which I consider very serious.

Increasingly, the world is becoming our fierce enemy and will remain this way.

Dear friends, don’t expect things to get any better or you will end up very frustrated. There will always be one trouble after the other. We may hail Putin over Obama but that will not make the world better. We can create GMO bananas against blindness but that will not stop other hazards. The global financial crisis could be managed but that does not mean global wealth. We could go on and on, but the bottom line is that as long as you are a citizen of this world there is bound to be trouble at the door! As long as people remain their own gods, this world will remain what it is. As long as people continue to sell their souls to the devil and especially our leaders, so is this world sold to destruction. As long as people chose to remain gullible in all matters, so is their distance to the grave reduced.

In these times, Individuals can still live in peace, enjoy a stable life and positively influence the world by having an uncommon mindset that is different from the natural direction of this evil world. Christianity is a way of life condemned by many but I haven’t seen any other precepts that could develop such a mind like that of the unadulterated HOLY SCRIPTURES.  It is your choice and this is my wish for you in 2015.

Happy New Year 2015!!!

The Pneumatike Economist