It most have been definitely a sweet smelling game that was at stake to have caused over 40 African jungle lions and a few other representatives of high considerations to cross oceans at the summons of the Serpent.  The result of this gathering proved this just right; a $33 billion fruit to be plucked from the heart of the Eden garden and shared amongst the African participants. The promises attached to this delicious dessert remains irresistibly entrancing and tempting as ever:

  • Strengthened business ties
  • Greater economic progress
  • Good financing for Africa
  • Successful and good governance
  • National reduction of risks
  • Strengthened investor confidence
  • Increasing availability of U.S. capital to Africa
  • S. firms partnering with Africa continent
  • Leading developments in Infrastructure
  • Explored public-private partnerships
  • Technological innovations
  • Finance tools that are transforming energy
  • Improved transport and digital infrastructure
  • Assured Future. ————

However, the hidden agenda behind this love and concern charm is questionable and leaves reasonable doubts as to whether this gentle proposition will produce an all-time positive result.

Just before every one close to that fruit tree becomes a victim, let me grab my chance and speak out. For, if just a soul will regain his sight and set himself free from slavery, then I must have been proud of putting down these feeble words of mine.



We are not unaware of the lethal fruit drink you serve to the nations in golden tins. You have your evil traces everywhere, yet you are so wise to tactfully remain in their midst. Don’t worry, your grip is elastic and the resistance of your biceps will soon attain its limits. Your hands have become full and the weights will soon overpower you. If only the nations could see this as an opportunity and make your wisdom to become foolish in your own eyes. 

You are the first to preach peace and yet there is no other that instigates wars more than you do. Your numerous war crimes around the world as a result of your cravings for power and control has set up a complex cobweb for you to untangle. The evil of your violence has created a stench of you in the nostrils of your allies. They have demanded the mercy you preach, yet you have been unable to grant it. Your massive human rights violation in Ukraine is no longer a secret and you hope to get at Russia through this and most likely China. You are working out your economic biceps again and you don’t care if it will lead to genocide. We are aware “Mr white serpent”!

To make sure China doesn’t escape your revival plan, you have presented the $33 billion fruit from Eden to Africa. Oh! How I wish the nations don’t grant your longings. Cunning serpent! We know that your fruit has got strains of a member of the ZEBOV family. This tactic is not uncommon and has made the headlines as you desire. It all sounded like a fair help, but we know you are the greatest blood sucker of all times. Your appetite for modern day slavery is beginning to have a better definition and we all know that your desire is not invest but to exploit. If you will go far in painting a good picture for your poisonous promises, then you will invest in a giant pipeline across the oceans to vomit all of Africa’s resources on your shores. They will get the jobs, but what can they do with it if their life giving blood has been extracted. You hope to become even with China but why do you want to make Africa the victim?

I pray that your intentions become pure overnight, so that at dawn Africa will live again. Otherwise I pray that Africa becomes wise overnight, so that at dawn your plans are frustrated. I believe you will be a better hero if your promises prove true and your fellow man becomes better as you are. However, I know that you don’t care anyway. The Zmapp event is a confirmation of this. Empty yourself of your greed and wickedness and try to be compassionate to the underprivileged. May be in this way you will get the rightful power that you seek. Permit others to benefit from the natural resources God has blessed them with and focus on exploring the gifts inherent to you. If you want to share in the blessings, then it must be truly mutual and not a tactic to make others slaves and sufferers. Don’t come to extract and go, but set up companies to extract and transform. We want finished products to leave our shores and not raw materials or semi-finished products. Create our own facilities for studies and research and not to extract our finest brains to study in your well established facilities. Be wise with the white serpent African leaders! Be wise! They are coming to extract the riches from your soil and make you beg for fertilizer from them which is a result of what they cunningly stole.

I have seen all sorts of foolishness in this world but I have not seen any thing as foolish as the taking away of one’s own life.

Be wise African leaders! Some of you will become a like victim of such foolishness


The Pneumatike Economist


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