A sure signal

A sure signal


I was adopted into a very great kingdom by a king that compares to none that I can phantom. The king considered me as his and i called him father. His rule is flawless and I believe this kingdom has been in existence for eternity. It is here that I came in contact with the purest of economic perceptions:

  1. If only one person thrives, it’s a great joy
  2. That person is not you anyway
  3. Yet there is another working hard that you should be the one.

 There is another prominent kingdom established by one of my father’s servants who had rebelled against him but was defeated and banished from my father’s presence. He is out to destroy the purity of this philosophy and has turned the hearts of his victims to believe:

  1. If only one person thrives, it’s a great joy
  2. That person must be you
  3. You must be the object of every eminent consideration

Many have found this path spellbinding and are evidently fabricating a complex cobweb trap for every economic challenge. CONTEMPORARY ECONOMISTS have addressed these challenges in practical diverse ways but the underlying in-built transcendent philosophical traits of individuals that in very many ways resembles the thoughts of this latter kingdom have put all the results of their solutions to question.


The destructive thinking of this latter kingdom all begins like a joke but gradually takes the economy to a damaging end. First, men are stimulated to be detached from their core binding ethical principles. Then, they are introduced to new values through familiarization and association. Finally, the planted seed germinates!

Men start fighting and killing one another, create substances to infect and destroy their own race. They will spend billions to amass more but will not spend a dime with the intention of just saving a soul. They are always in search of strategies to exploit but wished they will not invest.  They manipulate brothers against their brothers so that they could buy the place of the compassionate one. They will spend millions to acquire slaves but will not traverse the soil if it meant liberation.

They will go extra miles to renovate an estate if it will be on the headlines and will not construct a bamboo house if it was needed. They preach peace yet stimulate wars, demand mercy yet never grant any and advocate charity yet are a bunch of blood suckers. They have a painting of every good yet its only but on a feeble wood. They have written a book titled “a thousand promises” but its as only good as a cover page title.THEY ARE ENTRAPPED BY COLD WICKEDNESS AND LOVE TO THEM IS ONLY AN IMAGINARY TERM.


I feel a heaviness in my heart and my spirit is greatly vexed over this meaningless things that I see; a crime to humanity. That is why I have taking upon myself to be a SELFLESS ECONOMIC LUMINARY to mankind, making use of the timeless values I learnt from my father – THE GREAT KING.

I am not afraid of the adverse stress as long as it has to be right. For I know it can only be for a while before the light shows up! And if it has to be one person, who definitely is not me that will benefit from what I do, then it’s worth the love.



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